City Council Agendas

City Council Agendas

**6:50 p.m. Public Hearing: A hearing regarding Charter Communications (DBA: Spectrum) cable television franchise in Mount Sterling KY **





June 19th
, 2018



  1. Call meeting to order.
  2. Pledge of allegiance.
  3. Prayer.
  4. Approve May 15th 2018 minutes.
  5. May Financial reports
  6. Rick Fletcher: Mt Sterling Water and Sewer: Rate increase
  7. Montgomery Parks and Recreation.
  8. Approve 2017 Property Tax Settlement.
  9. Re-appoint Scott Hardy to the Tourism Board (Hotel)
  10. Re-appoint Mindy Duvall to the Tourism Board (Hotel) 
  11. 2nd reading of Ordinance 4-2018: Amending the FY2017-18 Budget.
  12. 2nd Reading Ordinance 5-2018: Adopting the FY2018-19 Budget.
  13. Resolution 5-2018: Whereas, the City of Mount Sterling recognizes the intergral role our local farmers play in providing fresh produce to it's citizens and City of Mt. Sterling farmers rich tradition of doing so; Whereas the City of Mount Sterling wishes to enter into a facilities use agreement with the Montgomery County Farmer's Market, Inc. a Kentucky non-profit corporation, for the operation of a farmer's market upon site; Whereas, the facilities use agreement provides for the question of the farmer's market and establishes food and saftey and other public protections; and whereas, the facilities use agreement has been approved and executed by the Montgomery County Farmer's Market, Inc. Board of Directors and duly executed; Now, therefore, be it resolved by the City of Mount Sterling, County of Montgomery, Kentucky, as follows: That the City of Mount Sterling Hereby authorizes Mayor Gary Williamson to execute the Farmer's Market Facilities Use Agreement between the City of Mount Sterling and Montgomery County Farmer's Market, Inc.
  14. Adjourn.