City Council Agendas






Next meeting scheduled for May 21, 2019, at


  1. Call meeting to order.
  2. Pledge of allegiance.
  3. Prayer.
  4. Approve April 16, 2019, council meeting minutes.
  5.  April financial reports.
  6. Public Comment: Brian Groff
  7. Department Head/ Committee Reports.
  8. Appoint of New Police Chief.
  9. Enterprise Fleet Management: Eric Bradey.
  10. Appoint Shannon Stull to tourism Board. (Hotel)
  11. Declare 2003 Crown Vic Vin# 2FAFP71W63Y158176 as surplus.
  12. Approve 2018 Property Tax settlement.
  13. Resolution R7-2019: Resolution adopting the execution of a Municipal Aid Co-op Program Contract between the Incorporated City and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Transportation Cabinet, Department of Rural and Municpal Aid for fiscal year begining July 1, 2019, as provided in the Kentucky Revised statues and accepting all streets referred to therein as being streets which are part of the incorporated City.
  14. Resolution R9-2019: A resolution hereby authorizing Mayor Botts to execute the facility use agreement between City of Mount Sterling and Montgomery County Farmers Market Association, Inc.
  15. 2nd Reading of Ordinance 6-2019: an ordinance amending Ordinance 2-2008 entitled: An ordinance relating to the imposition and administration of an occupational license requirment, and payment of an occupational license tax by persons and business entities conduction businesses, occupations and professions within the City of Mt. Sterling KY.
  16. Interlocal agreement.
  17. 1st reading of Ordinance 7-2019: Amending the FY2018-19 budget.
  18. 1st reading of Ordinance 8-2019: Adopting the FY2019-20 budget.
  19. Adjourn.